Tommy’s Hamburgers

So, I am sad to report that this is my last post from LA. I will be on a plane back to the Nation’s Capital very shortly. Before I leave LA, though, I wanted to leave you with this one last post.

So for those of you who are familiar with Tommy’s I think you would agree that this was a great last stop in LA. For those that are unfamiliar, Tommy’s, along with Tito’s Tacos, is one of two big LA food landmarks. The only way I can think to describe a Tommy’s hamburger is by calling a belly buster. The burger is about the size of a small plate topped with the most delicious chile I have ever tasted. My recommendation LA compadres is to grab a burger and go to the beach.


Surfs up!! 🙂

P.S. I never got a chance to make it to Tito’s, so, if one of my readers does let me know how it is.


Should I Stay or Should I Go??

Well readers, I have had a good run out here in LA, but it looks like I will be returning to DC to pursue other opportunities on the East coast. I want to talk a little bit about my decision because it is one that I have been struggling with slightly. I have talked to a lot of people about my decision, and understandably, there is some shock that comes over them when they hear that I am leaving LA (one of the entertainment capitals of the world) for DC. Don’t get me wrong the decision was not an easy one to make, but it was more thoughtfully made then people understand. I thought long and hard before deciding on this path.  This is not a knock to my peers that have decided that this is what they want to do, but working a triple shift at El Pollo Loco while hoping to someday hear a yes is not the way I want to live my life. DC has a wealth of career opportunities for a writer and performer that LA has yet to offer. There is a theater community that exists in DC that I have yet to find in LA. Community and career growth are what I’m looking for. One of the biggest misconceptions about a life as an artist is that there is no money in it. That is false. It simply means that you must be more discerning about the decisions you make and you can not be closed off to opportunities that will help you grow as an artist and offer you career mobility. That is why I am moving. I am seizing what I think is the right opportunity for me. That’s all I think anyone can ask of me at the moment. Fear not, though, because I’m still here. Stay tuned for how things go in our nations capital.

Oh there’s no place like Santa Monica for the Holidays!


There is no happier place on Earth for me than the beach for me. It is one of the reasons I decided to move to LA. I’ve mentioned this in other posts, but the beach holds so many fun childhood memories for me. I couldn’t ever imagine myself living too far from the ocean.

I was talking to my dad yesterday and it was cold and sleeting back in DC. Realizing that it was 70 degrees outside I decided to take advantage of some of the beautiful SoCal weather and I headed for the Santa Monica pier. Fear not, though, loyal readers. I was thinking of you guys and I scouted out some places while I was in Santa Monica.

If you’re ever in Santa Monica and craving breakfast the Omelette Parlor on Main Street has amazing eggs and croissants. Don’t worry about prices here if you’re on a budget because the amount of food they give you will last you at least three meals. Right next door is a great vintage clothing store called Varga, where I did some of my Christmas shopping. If you’re just up for hanging on the pier at the end there’s a great margarita bar right on the ocean. Nothing could be as relaxing as sipping a frozen margarita while listening to the sound of the waves.

Happy Holidays everyone!

One very broke girl!

So once again I am here to give a little advice on living on a budget. My advice is this… cook at home. I know people have probably told you this before, but it holds tried and true, cooking at home is cheaper and much healthier.

I met up with my friend Christine on Thursday night. Rather than going out and spending a lot of money at a restaurant we decided to go to the local grocery store and cook dinner at my apartment. For $20 we got wine, salmon, salad, and strawberries for dessert. The only other places that could beat the price we paid for our dinner are all fast chains. Our strategy was much healthier. So, there you have it folks! As long as you keep your crib entertainment ready, cooking at home is a great option:)

Big Foot West

Big Foot West, by far one of the greatest surprises I have encountered in LA so far. This bar is located on Venice Blvd between a 7/11 and the Thai Boom Boom Room (Yes, you read that right. I can’t make this stuff up). It looks like a total dump on the outside, but my friends, do not judge a book by it’s cover. The decor reminds you of being in a log cabin in the mountains. You walk in and the bar takes you out of LA for moment and takes you to middle of the country where the hustle and bustle of the city don’t exist and time stands still. I definitely encourage everyone to check this bar out while they’re in LA.

Explore and Enjoy!

Rut Roh!!

Ok so this is one of the rare entries where I am going to simply just give life advice on being a young college grad in LA. If you are between 22 and 29 you may wanna listen to this because this effects you. Anyone get the joke??

So, what I quickly learned is that LA gets wicked expensive, wicked fast, even more so that NY. LA is a city with decent public transportation, but the majority of the time you are going to be driving around the city, requiring you to add gas and parking to your expenses. This leaves very little room in the budget for eating out. Recently, though, I discovered a new appreciation for coupons. One of my favorite places has become El Pollo Loco. They give you 1/2 a dozen coupons upon checking out mostly for 4-5 dollars off your meal. I ended up paying $1.25 for my chicken salad. Any deals you can find like this in LA are golden.

If anyone had any other suggestions please feel free to comment. I’m sure all the other struggling young adults in the city would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Save and Enjoy!

Meet In Paris

I am a total Francophile for one big reason. They are total foodies just like me! The French live to eat rather than eat to live. This restaurant is no exception to that. For dinner I got a grilled salmon that was excellent and I got profiteroles for dessert that were out of this world. I also had some great port to compliment my profiteroles. Definitely a great place for a date because the atmosphere is incredibly romantic. The restaurant has tivoli lights surrounding it, so it feels cozy and tucked away, against the action packed Culiver Blvd. I recommend sitting outside because there is no shortage of people watching.

Warning: Don’t forget to make reservation. They are very strick about their reservation policy. The only downside to this place in my book.

Travel and Enjoy!

3rd Street Promenade

So, the first thing my uncle did when I moved to LA was take me to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. 3rd street Promenade has a great artsy vibe. As you walk up and down the street you can hear the sounds of several singers, all with gorgeous voices, entertaining the passersby. There are also several great high-end shops as well as a few bars on the promenade. Great for game nights:)

My uncle and I ate at Trastevere, a great Italian restaurant on the promenade. The wood grilled pizza and gnocchi are fabulous. I also had a really good Sex On The Beach. Now, the only warning with the promenade (which is going to be my warning for most of the places in LA) you pay for parking. Unfortunately this is norm around all of LA. There is just no way around it. However, I think the promenade is worth the price of parking.

Travel and Enjoy!