The Madison Restaurant

So, I love diners. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. After all it is the most important one right?! Well, if you like breakfast (or diners) the way I do then check out Madison Restaurant. I highly recommend their breakfast omelets 🙂

Travel and Enjoy!

The Financier

This is one of the best coffee places I have yet to find in New York. If you like strong coffee (such as cappuccinos and expressos) and great pastries this is the place to go. They also have great sandwiches and quiches for lunch.

Explore and Enjoy! 🙂

Deux Amis

Ok this place I’m about to recommend is a little pricier, but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

So Deux Amis is a great French restaurant on 52nd and 1st. I first heard about it from my Aunt. Being the francophile that I am I had to check it out. I have been back three times since and I have never been disappointed. Their wine selections are all top notch and I can highly recommend both the grilled salmon and the boeuf bourguignon.

Hope you’ll check it out!

New York Public Library

So, not only is Bryant Park a really pretty area in New York with some great shops and food for a recent college grad on a budget. It also houses one of the biggest and most comfortable libraries in New York. On the first floor is a coffee shop with a comfortable atmosphere, comparable to Starbucks. You can talk at a low whisper with friends, which is perfect if you and your friend happen to be apartment hunting.  Warning: outlet space is limited so plan accordingly. There are 3 other study rooms on the second and third floors with printers and a quiet area to work. Perfect for the job hunt. After you’re done at the library Cozi’s, Pret A Manger, and Chipotle are all across the street for lunch. And, if you feel like taking a break to shop ladies H&M is right around the corner as well as Modells.

Grand Central Station

So, I never realized just how amazing Grand Central is until today. I stupidly left my mac charger back in DC and I had to go out to find a replacement. I searched google for mac store locations and the Grand Central terminal popped up. Inside the station on the top floor is one of New York’s best hidden mac stores. If you go on a weekday mid-afternoon it is quick, easy, and the people are so friendly. I was in and out in 15 mins (and that was with a stop to the genius bar. My mac was having other issues:( ). I also had some of the best yellow chicken curry I have ever had . Grand Central Station is definitely worth exploring.