One man’s trash is another man’s treasure (The amazing artist behind Morelan)

On my recent visit to Haiti I had the great fortune of meeting a wonderful woman named Polyana. She runs a real dump of a bed and breakfast….Allow me to me explain the joke. The entire place is constructed out of trash that she has found in the street.

There is no infrastructure in Haiti for trash pick up or recycling. Rather than allow her country to rot from the ground up (quite literally) she has decided to take matters into her own hands and create beauty out of what it rejected and broken. A true inspiration and light onto her country. Check out the property….

2015-01-25 17.02.12       2015-01-25 17.03.16 2015-01-25 17.06.05 2015-01-25 17.06.35 2015-01-25 17.06.42 2015-01-25 17.06.49 2015-01-25 17.06.55 2015-01-25 17.06.58 2015-01-25 17.08.23 2015-01-25 17.08.39 2015-01-25 17.25.34

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I had a great run in LA, but it's now time to head back to the Nation's Capital to pursue the artistic life I endeavored on after graduation. The fun is definitely not over yet, however. Stay tuned, because just as I brought you LA's best kept secrets, I am now out to bring you DC's best kept secrets.

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