Jersey shore diaries


Sept 11 from the Town Square

Avalon.  My home town. A small beautiful oasis located on the Jersey shore. As I have grown up I have truly come to embody the words of Bon Jovi. “Who says you can’t go home. There’s only one place they call me one of their own.” I love going back home where I have family and neighbors who love me. A place where I am not just another face in the crowd. If you are every in Jersey please stop through Avalon for some good old fashioned hospitality. Promise we don’t bite:)

Check out some of our town gems:


Pirate Island Golf: The unofficial slogan here “C’mon! You know you wanna mini golf with pirates.”


Kohler’s Bakery: A local favorite that we’re quite proud of. Sadly they are only open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. If you stop in you absolutely must try the cream filled donuts.


Isabel’s: Another local bakery that we are also proud of. I personally love their ham and cheese croissants.


Brian’s Waffle House. Your mornings should definitely begin here. Hands down best waffles on the east coast.


Our beloved public library


The Princeton: Local watering hole. If you’re located anywhere on the north side of the island you can walk home from the bar. Just saying’. Be safe!!


Avalon Seafood Market: Of coarse if you you’re down the shore you’ll need some seafood.


Wawa: 7-11 who??? If you get that joke we should be bffs.


About ashleyeastside

I had a great run in LA, but it's now time to head back to the Nation's Capital to pursue the artistic life I endeavored on after graduation. The fun is definitely not over yet, however. Stay tuned, because just as I brought you LA's best kept secrets, I am now out to bring you DC's best kept secrets.

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