Social Activism

Living near DC I try to head into the city as often as I can. The city is a vibrant and happening place.  I enjoyed it when I was in school there and sometimes I miss it for all its excitement.  On a recent trip into DC over the holidays, I got to experience one of the most incredible acts of social activism that I have ever witnessed (and folks I went to the John Stuart rally two years ago J). So for those of you who have never been to DC let me try to paint a picture for you. The Department of Veterans Affairs sits across the street from the White House on the side of the North Lawn and Pennsylvania Ave. In order to walk between the two, you cross Lafayette Square.  On one very cold January night, hundreds of veterans from all different walks and stations of life decided to sleep on the street between the V.A. and the White House. Their bravery spoke volumes to me and reminded me of a lesson that we all should take to heart. The rich and affluent are not the only ones with the power to make a difference. Your paycheck and your place in society do not determine what you are capable of; that is what makes the country so unique. Change can come from anywhere in society. Let me say this loud and clear: You have a voice. Use it!! Stand up for what you believe in. That is how true hope and change will come about in this country; it will come when we recognize that it is not the size of dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that will ultimately prevail. I’d love to start a discussion on this so let me know your thoughts.




Tommy’s Hamburgers

So, I am sad to report that this is my last post from LA. I will be on a plane back to the Nation’s Capital very shortly. Before I leave LA, though, I wanted to leave you with this one last post.

So for those of you who are familiar with Tommy’s I think you would agree that this was a great last stop in LA. For those that are unfamiliar, Tommy’s, along with Tito’s Tacos, is one of two big LA food landmarks. The only way I can think to describe a Tommy’s hamburger is by calling a belly buster. The burger is about the size of a small plate topped with the most delicious chile I have ever tasted. My recommendation LA compadres is to grab a burger and go to the beach.


Surfs up!! 🙂

P.S. I never got a chance to make it to Tito’s, so, if one of my readers does let me know how it is.


Should I Stay or Should I Go??

Well readers, I have had a good run out here in LA, but it looks like I will be returning to DC to pursue other opportunities on the East coast. I want to talk a little bit about my decision because it is one that I have been struggling with slightly. I have talked to a lot of people about my decision, and understandably, there is some shock that comes over them when they hear that I am leaving LA (one of the entertainment capitals of the world) for DC. Don’t get me wrong the decision was not an easy one to make, but it was more thoughtfully made then people understand. I thought long and hard before deciding on this path.  This is not a knock to my peers that have decided that this is what they want to do, but working a triple shift at El Pollo Loco while hoping to someday hear a yes is not the way I want to live my life. DC has a wealth of career opportunities for a writer and performer that LA has yet to offer. There is a theater community that exists in DC that I have yet to find in LA. Community and career growth are what I’m looking for. One of the biggest misconceptions about a life as an artist is that there is no money in it. That is false. It simply means that you must be more discerning about the decisions you make and you can not be closed off to opportunities that will help you grow as an artist and offer you career mobility. That is why I am moving. I am seizing what I think is the right opportunity for me. That’s all I think anyone can ask of me at the moment. Fear not, though, because I’m still here. Stay tuned for how things go in our nations capital.